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Rockhopping / Shore Diving

Rockhopping/shore diving involves entering and exiting the water from the shore, often from rocky headlands, and then swimming in the sea, often around the head land. It presents some unique risks for the spearfisherman. Sea conditions, tides, rips, surf, boat traffic are just some risks associated with rock hopping.

The following are considered effective guidelines to follow when rockhopping /shorediving:-

Watch the sea conditions prior to getting in;

Make sure you can enter/exit safely, factor in tides & check for rips in beach corners.  Yes your exit point could well be different to your entry point;

Keep gun unloaded and tip covered during exit/entry;

Only dive in calm conditions if you are unfamiliar with a headland;

Check current regularly while diving, are you getting sucked out to sea or away from where you can safely exit?

Watch for boats, jetski’s, kiteboarders, surfers;

Stay clear of rock fisherman to avoid a lure in head;

Use appropriate float rope length ie not too long to avoid tangling in cunje;

Tell someone where you are going and for how long.




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