Do you want to catch better fish? Be a safer Spearo? Then SPEAR SAFE!

Australian Spearfishing Safety Initiative



The sport of spearfishing has inherent dangers, amongst other things shallow water blackout, marine creature’s bites and stings, the danger of other boats colliding with divers, and the risk of injury or death whilst diving.

The purpose of this website is to provide a basic guide of how to spear-fish safely. The makers of this web-site are volunteers and take no responsibility for injury or death resulting from the use (or misuse) of the information contained within this Website. Participants should not rely solely on the information provided herein and understand that many outdoor activities possess inherent risks that should be carefully considered beforehand.

You should be physically fit, enjoying good health, and have sufficient expertise for participation in this sport.  Your level of fitness and experience is an essential consideration to your diving plans. You should dive within your limits at all times, protect yourself from natures elements and drink plenty of fluids to maintain your physical condition and avoid painful cramps.


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