Do you want to catch better fish? Be a safer Spearo? Then SPEAR SAFE!

Australian Spearfishing Safety Initiative

Diver / Diver Interactions

Underwater fishing equipment such as spearguns and pole spears have the potential to be extremely dangerous if not handled properly.

When multiple divers are in the water in close vicinity together there is an increased risk that a speargun could discharge causing injury or death. Likewise, spearguns must be handled correctly out of the water as well.

- Speargun Do's and Don'ts

- Speargun Storage & Maintenance 





Speargun Do's and Don'ts

NEVER point your speargun at anyone (including yourself) for any reason ... ALWAYS handle your speargun as if it is loaded;

NEVER overload design of gun with extra rubbers;

NEVER use a damaged speargun ... ALWAYS inspect your speargun, and related equipment, before you dive (particularly for worn or damaged rubber);

NEVER dive if you are unwell or injured ... it may impair your judgment or ability to handle your speargun;

NEVER load your speargun while out of the water ... ALWAYS load while in the water;

NEVER exit the water with a loaded speargun ... ALWAYS unload in the water;

NEVER pass a loaded gun onto or off of a boat;

NEVER rush when loading ... ALWAYS keep control of the speargun;

NEVER shoot your speargun out of the water ... the line may break and the shaft could travel hundreds of yards or the shaft may “bounce-back” at you;

NEVER shoot blind (e.g. into unseen, dark, overgrown areas) ... ALWAYS check beyond the target for drifting divers or objects that can deflect the shaft;

NEVER fire your speargun if you are not aware of your dive buddies location;

NEVER swim with a loaded speargun through rough surf / whitewater where visibility is poor visibility as you may be jarred and accidentally fire the shaft;

ALWAYS cover your spear tip out of water;

ALWAYS exercise extreme caution loading pneumatic guns;

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to fire;

ALWAYS store your (unloaded) speargun securely onboard a boat to prevent it being bounced around, damaged or causing injury.

ALWAYS load your speargun in two stages:

1. Place the speargun securely against your chest with the spear tip pointed as far away from you as possible.

2. Engage the wishbone in the first notch of the shaft, rest and repeat procedure for the second notch as needed.

ALWAYS anticipate recoil ... broken masks, teeth, noses or worse are a possibility.

Speargun Storage & Maintenance

ALWAYS store your speargun in a secure / locked place ... away from children;

ALWAYS clean your speargun in fresh water and dry thoroughly in the shade before placing it in storage;

ALWAYS store your speargun in a cool place (especially the rubbers);

ALWAYS inspect your speargun for wear and tear (especially aging rubber) and maintain your speargun – if your are unsure how to do this have your speargun serviced regularly (by your local speargun store professional).





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