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Spearfishing and freediving are growing in popularity in Australia due to clear water, large fish, healthy outdoor exercise, superb seafood and education (magazines, DVDs, books, website, dive shops). The AUF is a volunteer organisation and plays a significiant co-ordinating role in this exciting sport. 

As a national not-for-profit organisation, AUF relies on the support from marine enthusiasts across Australia. With the financial and moral contribution from individuals and institutions around Australia and the world, AUF has the financial capacity and public mandate to advocate for the sustainable use of our marine environment.

By registering your support of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) you can play a part of Australia's peak underwater group. Your support will help assist the essential sporting, education, safety, management, scientific and representative work of AUF.

Your support is essential to the future of our sport. Register online today – it’s FREE!

To register your support go to the AUF online membership site:-


Benefits to AUF supporters:

  • Receive the AUF electronic magazine ‘Seachange’ absolutely free (3 time per year);
  • Add your voice to thousands of other underwater enthusiasts across Australia;
  • Representation to Government. You can help AUF ensure balanced environment, social and economic decisions about marine management and an intergrated approach to state and national spearfishing issues;
  • Access to the latest information on a broad range of spearfishing issues;
  • Get involved in strategic projects such as SpearSafe and community research such as Great Australian Shark Watch.
  • Most importantly - make a difference for the future of our sport!

The AUF encourages all registered supporters to take the next step to financial membership. The added benefits of membership include:-

  • Access to very experienced skindivers who regularly want dive buddies;
  • Regular competitions (spearfishing, underwater photography, superdiver) as well as underwater hockey, finswimming and freediving;
  • Opportunity to claim club, state and national spearfishing records;
  • Comprehensive insurance;
  • Membership of the peak fishing organisation Recfish Australia;
  • Membership of world underwater groups CMAS;
  • 10% discount at selected dive shops;
  • AUF latest products including t-shirts, fridge magnets, posters, calendars and other merchandise;
  • Membership card.


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